OpenBrain Ltd is a UK-based technology startup building a novel platform for statistical computing. We are a spin-out of an East Midlands-based University, where the core technology was developed, funded by the BBSRC.


Ederyn Williams, Chairman

Dr. Williams managed university technology transfer for 17 years, in Leeds, Warwick and Leicester, and has been responsible for helping create over 80 spin-out companies, as well hundreds of patents and licenses. Previously he spent 13 years at British Telecom managing new businesses in software, cable television, online data retrieval, and telephone information services. He is also Director of Bego and Molecular Solar. Dr. Williams received a D.Phil in Psychology from Oxford and a M.A. in Natural Sciences from Cambridge.

Tom Nielsen, Founder

Tom Nielsen invented the Baysig platform and built the first prototype for everything; now he does all the things no-one else wants to do. He has a BA in Natural Sciences from Cambridge University and a PhD in Neuroscience from University College London, where he made the first measurement of the diffusion coefficient of glutamate in the synaptic cleft. He then built a lot of two-photon microscopes at Harvard Medical School before working on synaptic physiology and neuroinformatics in Tom Matheson's lab at the University of Leicester.

Henrik Nilsson, Non-executive director

Henrik Nilsson is Associate Professor at the School of Computer Science, Nottingham University. He has a long-standing interest in functional and declarative programming, functional reactive programming, and domain-specific languages. He received a PhD from Linköping University and subsequently worked at INRIA Sophia Antipolis and Yale University.

Andrew Monk, Business Development

Andrew Monk has an MA in Physics from The University of Oxford. He has 25 years experience in building technology businesses, including spinning out three companies from Southampton University. As CEO, Andrew led the turnaround of semiconductor fab Innos Ltd following a devastating fire.

Ian Ross, Engineering

Ian Ross did his undergraduate degree in physics at Oxford, Part III Maths in Cambridge and a PhD in climate data analysis at the University of Bristol. He has worked in the finance, aerospace, defence and software industries, as well as spending time in academia working on satellite remote sensing, climate modelling, numerical analysis and geospatial data analysis for ecological applications.

Tom Matheson, Scientific advisor

Tom Matheson is Reader in the Department of Biology, University of Leicester. His research analyses the function of sensory and motor systems in insects. His lab seeks to understand how limb movements are controlled, and is interested in how the properties of nerve cells change over time or through experience (neuronal plasticity).


OpenBrain Ltd
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UK company registration number: 8184734
VAT Number: GB154543708