Data analysis and model building

Our work on building a statistical programming language and data analysis environment has given us deep insight in statistical modelling. We do not just click buttons and look up the result in the manual. We have the knowledge required to understand what your data are telling you.

We see data analysis, statistics, modelling, simulation and software development as many sides of the same coin. Whatever data you have, from business, science or both, we can build a predictive model that can guide your decisions.

In addition to parameter estimates and hypothesis tests, we take our statistical analyses further by asking:

  • Is the model consistent with the data? We will set up a batch of tests that probe areas in which the model may not represent your real-world data.
  • Can the model be effectively estimated by the data? We look for aspects of the model that cannot be informed by the data.

Our analyses are based on Bayesian statistics, which have fundamental advantages over classical analyses:

  • Risk calculation: we can directly calculate the percentage chance that an event will occur in the future, based on your data.
  • Latent systems: estimate unobserved dynamic effects based on their effects on observables.
  • Model flexibility: you can have almost any model you want, not just an approximation. Non-linear, non-normal, hierarchical, heterogeneous, dynamic, spatial, fat tails and black swans.
  • Optimal decisions: decisions are simple to implement based on Bayesian statistics and are optimal (given the right model).
  • Full uncertainty: estimates, risks and decisions take into account the full uncertainty based on all the available information.

We develop statistical analyses in our own Baysig language or in a tool or language of your specification. Contact us for further details

Data visualisation

Radian is one of the most sophisticated solutions for building complex, interactive visualisations for the web - without writing a line of code. We have thought hard about communicating uncertainty, risk and forecasts and can set up live web-based dashboards for up-to-date displays.

We plot your data and integrate Radian with your existing server infrastructure.

Operations management

We use quantitative techniques to review and optimise your business processes.

  • Control
  • Risk
  • Pricing
  • Forecasting
  • What-if simulations
  • Decision support
  • Effectiveness estimation
  • Asset pricing

We can integrate this with your existing ERP solutions.

Baysig integration

We can integrate the Baysig platform or a Baysig-generated program within your product or existing systems. This gives you:

  • An analytics engine for data analysis
  • A database for observed data
  • A decision support and control kernel
  • A web interface for your users

Custom development

We like to work on special projects that stretch our creativity and knowledge. We are excited about bringing statistical thinking into existing businesses or system.

If you have an idea for a new product that incorporates quantitative analysis, get in touch. We will help you build it.

OpenBrain Ltd has outstanding expertise in integration statistical modelling and data analysis with web development and functional programming, and we would love to bring our magic to your product or organisation.


We are passionate about working with data, models and inference, and we love spreading the message. We will train you or your staff in:

  • Data analysis with Baysig
  • Bayesian statistics
  • Stochastic processes
  • Dynamical systems
  • Risk and forecasting